Vernon Council’s visit to Okanagan Lake Access Points suspended for now – Vernon Morning Star

Vernon council members had planned to visit a handful of high-priority access points to Okanagan Lake ahead of Monday’s meetings, but postponed a right-of-way decision due to a liability issue.

Council members had agreed to visit six right-of-way accesses (listed below) ahead of the May 10 meeting, when they were to review recent updates to the city’s 2018 lake access plan. However, the visit and discussion were postponed for two weeks, to give the board time to clarify a liability insurance issue.

Updated on April 27, the original plan highlighted 45 entrances the city of which was controlled by the Department of Transportation in 1993. Historically, these sites had been used to provide livestock access to water and to transport livestock. water logs at the mill. Nowadays, they are mainly used for recreation.

In 2005, the City undertook to improve access to the use of these rights-of-way.

Today, five sites are fully developed and used by the public: Beachcomber Bay Road, Foster Road, Kennedy Road, Whitepoint Road and Delcliffe Road. Three other sites received minor upgrades, with road signs and trash cans put up at 9003 Peters Road, 9689 Eastside Road and 8396 Tronson Road.

A new access site has been added since 2018, located along Block 9000 of Eastside Road.

Fifteen lake accesses are well suited to be fully landscaped for recreation, the report says.

“This means they should have parking, pedestrian access (trails or stairs, if needed) and waterfront site furniture to accommodate the public. “

The council was looking to move forward on one of the access points (7300 Tronson Road), with a recommendation still on the table to develop the site at the same time as Pumphouse Park or before 2023. This decision will be reconsidered at a later date. .

The six property access points that council currently has in mind are included in the list of 15 points deemed ideal for recreation. These six accesses are located at:

• 7806 Tronson Road. (between 7796 and 7814 chemin Tronson)

• 7700 Tronson Road. (between 7688 and 7716 chemin Tronson)

• 7300 Tronson Road. (between 7292 and 7304 chemin Tronson)

• 8835 Okanagan Landing Road. (between 8829 and 8839 Okanagan Landing Rd.)

• 9499 Eastside Road. (between 9797 and 9501 Eastside Rd.)

• 114, chemin Russell (between 110 and 111 chemin Russell)

Brendan Shykora

BC Lakesrecreation