Top ASX stocks today: Lithium Power International (LPI ↑13.9%), Lake Resources NL (LKE ↑12.5%)

The 10 biggest movers on the ASX.

So far, the best performing companies in ASX trading were Lithium Power International (LPI, up 13.9%) and Lake Resources NL (LKE, up 12.5%).

The Biggest Changes on the ASX Friday, April 1, 2022

Lithium Power International (LPI) was the dominant engine on the ASX today.

Shares of the company rose 13.9% to $0.82.

Lithium Power International operates in the materials sector.

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Lake Resources NL (LKE), the materials company, also performed well.

It rose 12.5% ​​to $2.25.

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Here is the full list of today’s top 10 movers so far.

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