Lake Business Products moves operations on Miner Road to Highland Heights

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ohio – The city welcomes a new business on Miner Road and the old Alloy Bellows building.

Lake Business Products, a company with 60 years of history in Lake County, split its operations from Eastlake, moving its leasing company to Euclid, and its main office building, operating staff and sales at 653 Miner Road.

“We were all (operations) under one roof, and we went from one 106,000 square foot facility (in Eastlake) to two facilities of approximately 80,000 square feet each,” said Terry Cain, owner of Lake Business Products. “We now have 70 to 80 employees (moving to Highland Heights) and we plan to expand our technology offering.

Lake sells and rents corporate products and supplies and works with customers to improve efficiency and sales. The business was founded by Cain’s father, Jack Slattery, in 1960 in the garage of his Mentor home. Cain has served as President and CEO of the company since her father’s death in 2008, and has owned it for 40 years.

When asked about the impact of the pandemic on the business, Cain said, “We’re doing. We’re down slightly, but we’re pretty much on par with what we did last year.

LBP is now moving into its new offices in Highland Heights. Cain said his lease in Eastlake was over after 20 years in that town and the business needed to find a new home quickly.

“I am very excited about the move,” Cain said. “I love the building. I’ve met the mayor (Chuck Brunello, Jr.) twice and from what I can see he’s a great guy. I can’t wait to settle in and get back to work.

Brunello is also delighted that Lake Business Products is doing business in Highland Heights.

“In these difficult times in which we currently live, at a time when companies do not do much in person, let alone relocate or expand, choosing a community like ours is, of course, a pleasure,” Brunello said. noted. “We were able to partner with them from the start (after LBP decided to move), and the relationship was good. It was a quick process. I guess they fell in love with the community.

Highland Heights prompted LBP to relocate to the city with a grant of $ 660,000 over 10 years. During this 10-year period, Lake must maintain an annual payroll of at least $ 4 million. Highland Heights CFO Joe Filippo said LBP will bring the city an initial payroll of around $ 5 million. That payroll, with the addition of future hires Cain talked about, is expected to reach around $ 6 million within five years.

“Two new businesses in the past six months are a huge victory,” said Brunello, speaking of LBP and the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, Township of Copley, which announced in November the opening of a new hospital in May or June at 734 Alpha Drive. . “It would be considered a huge victory for our community and pretty much any community, I think. I think it’s great and I’m really excited about it, and the community is really excited about it.

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