Dakota County Lake Access Closed After 70,000 Gallon Sewage Spill

Public access to a lake in Dakota County has been temporarily closed after a major sewage spill.

West St. Paul says Thompson Lake in West St. Paul was recently contaminated with about 70,000 gallons of sewage due to a pipe failure near the south end of the lake. The leak has since been stopped.

City officials said the sewage was coming out of a valve that was meant to vent the buildup of air.

Due to the spill, the county has temporarily closed access to Thompson County Park and the city and county are urging the public to avoid direct contact with lake water.

Officials say cleanup efforts are underway and the Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency are helping the city resolve the incident.

The city said it was unlikely other nearby areas would be affected, saying 70,000 gallons seems like a lot, but compared to the size of Lake Thompson, it’s unlikely to have a significant impact.

Updates will be posted on line but can also be received by calling 952-891-7000.