Creating access to Puslinch Lake proves to be a headache for staff

A report to Puslinch Council said markers and survey signs are being stolen and parked cars blocking fire lanes along Traveled Road

PUSLINCH – Puslinch staff are seeking advice from council on how to proceed to establish public access to Puslinch Lake, which has so far been fraught with difficulty.

There has been no official public access to Puslinch Lake for over two years after the last avenue for it at McClintock’s Trailer Resort and Ski School Restricted at their beach and launched in July 2020 due to issues with visitors.

A report delivered to a Puslinch council meeting on Wednesday said the township had retained the services of a surveyor to complete a survey plan for a section of road traveled near the Swastika Trail near the Puslinch Lake waterfront to see how to create a public hotspot.

The survey work was completed on August 21, 2021 with survey bollards and steel monument bars fixed to the ground to show the property line. The report indicates that this work cost just over $5,000.

Staff were then informed in June that the monuments and monuments had been tampered with and that the surveyor needed to reinstall three monuments and five monuments at a cost of approximately $1,700.

Staff then placed two signs stating that public lake access docks are not owned or maintained by the municipality and stressing that it is illegal to alter or remove survey markers on July 19 .

A day later, the signs were gone.

“Signs and posts were removed and staff were receiving additional reports that survey monuments were also removed and missing from the location,” the report said, adding that the OPP is under investigation. ‘investigation.

Although some monuments have been returned to the site, Puslinch staff recommend that surveyors return to ensure they are in the correct location, again at a cost of $1,700.

The report also noted that a by-law officer attended the scene to observe the level of activity.

“A number of vehicles were parked on the road right-of-way, apparently parked to access the lake,” the report said. “Subsequently, the Fire Department’s recommendation is that this section of Traveled Road be marked as a fire lane and that no vehicles be permitted to park to allow emergency vehicle access.”

In the report, staff recommend limiting public access to the lake to pedestrians as parking is not permitted on Traveled Road by placing rocks and other decorative stones to prevent launching boats. This would allow pedestrian access for swimming and watercraft that can be transported such as canoes or kayaks.

He also recommends the use of concrete survey bollards at a cost yet to be determined.

The report says staff have received an ‘abundance of comments’ from the public who want to see a lake access point established at Traveled Road and have not heard direct opposition from residents.

“However, it is evident, based on the events that have taken place, that there are residents who oppose public access to the lake at Traveled Road,” the report said. Recommendations to limit access to pedestrian traffic and to prohibit parking along the busy road will help to alleviate some of the nuisances for area residents.

The Puslinch council will discuss this item at a meeting on Wednesday morning.