Clear Lake Business Owners Move Popular Revival Festival to Adventureland | Local

The Des Moines Renaissance Faire will have a new home starting in 2022 at Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa.

The Des Moines Renaissance Faire is being organized by Festivals International, a Clear Lake-based company, and the organizers were looking for an opportunity to move away from their old location in Saylorville.

“We were starting to get too big for our old location,” said Greg Schmidt, owner and operator of Festivals International. “Our parking was really limited… we knew our days were numbered.

A juggling act at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire.


Then the opportunity arose for the Des Moines Renaissance Faire to operate in the new development of the Altoona Adventureland theme park called The Meadow Lands.

The new extension of Meadow Lands which will allow the Des Moines Renaissance Faire to continue its activities and develop the spectacle.

“When Adventureland called, it’s like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” Schmidt said. “We’re right on the moon.”

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The Des Moines Renaissance Faire will feature live music, games and pageants, and potentially have features like an amphitheater, Renaissance-themed walls, and a children’s play area built over the next several years. Adventureland will also have built a bridge to connect The Meadow Lands to the theme park so that Platinum Season Pass holders can participate in events at The Meadow Lands for free.

Renaissance Fair 3.jpg

Two artists at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire.


The Des Moines Renaissance Faire aims to have its first event in the new location next spring on May 7-8 and another event the following weekend, May 14-15. Schmidt also hopes to host events in September 2022.

As part of the new arrangement, Adventureland allows Festivals International’s creative team, which includes Greg Schmidt and his wife Bonnie Schmidt, to produce other family events for The Meadow Lands.

“We’ll probably also be running an event every month between our Renaissance fairs,” Schmidt said. “We are trying to show what we can do with our creativity in this new place. ”

Festivals International is also responsible for organizing the Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival, which will take place in Clear Lake next month from September 11-12.

Adventureland has already started the design process for The Meadow Lands, with a plan for the Rebirth Day to be the expansion’s opening event in May 2022.

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