Cedar Lake Business Park Receives Council Approval | Local news

A Cedar Lake sign hangs outside Cedar Lake Town Hall in 7408, avenue de la Constitution

Mary Freda, The Time

CEDAR LAKE – A new business park is coming to town.

Cedar Lake City Council approved a Unit Development Project (PUD) 6-0 for Lakeview Business Park, 13735-13923 Wicker Ave., at its meeting in late July.

Advisor Julie Rivera was absent.

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The approval was made subject to the finalization of the pieces to the zoning by-law of the city; finalization of the development plan agreement by the town planning commission and the municipal council; and signatures be withheld until the foregoing is completed.

“This is a development and a plot that has been going on for some time since the annexation petition about a year or a little more ago until today,” the state prosecutor said. city, David Austgen.

“The developer patiently went through all of our requirements and all the technical details and processes. So this is the highlight, if you will, of this expansion of our community.”

The development has already received a favorable recommendation from the Cedar Lake Plan Commission to rezone the land from agriculture to PUD. The commission also approved the main course of the 18-lot subdivision, as well as the site plan.