2022-06-29 | NDAQ:LITM | Press release

WINNIPEG, MB /ACCESSWIRE/June 29, 2022/ Snow Lake Resources Ltd., d/b/a Snow Lake Lithium Ltd. (NASDAQ:LITM) (“Snow Lake” or the “Company”), today announced that it has received a Notice of Requisition for a Shareholders’ Meeting (the “Requisition”) dated June 8, 2022 from a number registered shareholders holding, collectively as a group, approximately 5.4% of the issued and outstanding shares of the Company (the “Kimelman Group”). The group includes persons and entities associated with Avrohom Mordechai (Avi) Kimelman , of St Kilda East, Victoria, Australia, a former director of the company and former CEO and director of Quantum Resources, which later changed its name to Nova Minerals Limited (NVA on the ASX).The application requests that the directors of the Company call a meeting of the shareholders of the Company for the purpose of (a) removing all directors of the Company; (b) fixing the number of directors at six for the following year; and (c) electing six directors appointed from the Kimelman Group.

The Company has reviewed the request with its professional advisors and announces today that its Board of Directors has called a special meeting of shareholders to be held in conjunction with its annual meeting of shareholders on or about 15e day of December 2022 to examine the issues, among others, raised by the requisition. Shareholders will receive formal notice of the meeting and an information circular in sufficient time to consider all matters. In the meantime, there is currently no need for shareholders to take action.


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